About the Artist


In San Francisco
Sep 2002

In San Francisco, as in Madrid, Madrid and wherever his recent works have been shown, Jaime Zobel is often asked how he does his artworks and the role computers play in the process. Here is his explanation:

I compose all my works by myself, using principally my own photographs. I cut, mix and arrange pieces of these photographs in a rather painstaking process until I end up with a composition that pleases me. The collage form composition is done by me, entirely by hand in a manageable sized hard board. From there, it goes to the computer which simply cleans up my work for slight imperfections, mainly to ensure that the horizontal and vertical lines are straight. I then make a transparency and a CDROM which is what professional printers need to finally print on watercolor paper using the iris or giclee process or simply on photographic paper.

I look at the computer as an excellent tool, an enabler that allows me to work more efficiently and with excellent results. But it is still only a tool-the creative process stems from my head and my heart

Jaime Zobel