2010 Nature's Art

14 pages including front text and back summary. Size: 19" w x 16.75" ht.

"In the beginning, man and woman awoke to a world of inexplicable wonder. They beheld the splendor of creation and honored it by giving names to those that could not name themselves. All that ran, swam, flew; all that bore fruit, flower, and color were given names. Through the act of naming, nature was transformed into a world of languages and words.

Then man and woman discovered patterns and harmonies in nature. They found it in the flowers and their bursts of colors, in the flecks of brilliance on butterfly wings, the shimmer of fish scales, the regal gallop of horses. Realizing that there is so much beauty in the world gave them the impulse to celebrate and reproduce that beauty in images and words, giving birth to art.

With this calendar we honor nature and the human impulse to create. We celebrate the shapes and shades of nature. We capture its movement and silences. We discover new worlds in the sense of joy and awe that it brings. And we pay tribute to the human spirit, as it transforms the act of discovering nature into a sharp instrument of art."