2009 Elements Of Color

14 pages including intro text and back summary. Size: 12.5" w x 19" ht

"Against modern life's command toward speed, art provides a meaningful but enigmatic delay.

Through the eyes of an artist, the world takes on more color. The edges of things redefine. Objects come unbound from the frame of our expectations. Suddenly the names we attach to them fail. What we think we know eludes us once more. W are asked to look again and reacquaint ourselves with the thins around us. We are urged to take in life more slowly, to attend to details more closely.

The way a streak of light passes through the lens to unravel a spectrum of abundance, from red through yellow and green and blue to violet, the photographs in this calendar afford us a journey through a wide range of visual pleasures, both worldly and sublime. Each of those images puts us in the presence of a vision that requires our full attention. In this secular age, they allow us once more to recognize the mysteries embedded i the fabric of what we see; the blue of water and sky, the yellow of the earth, the rd of fire, the green of foliage, and the white of the unknown. The hes that light can both hide and reveal.

It is a wonder how art can train our eyes to see the splendor of this world agan and suggest that our idea of paradise is continuous with the experience of our senses in this world.

We come out these frames stained with the most intense of colors." -- Allan Popa

Elements of color 2009 calendar