2006 Heartbeat

13 pages including intro page. Hardbound casing with back text Size: 15.5" w x 24" ht

" The Heartbeat of Tehcne. Technology is anti-human? Living with technology, we find more ways of connecting creatively with others. We capture fleeting images, re-assessing the meaning of moment. We even form new identities, new sub-cultures. The ancient Greek word techne from which technology derives, means useful knowledge: skills for acting upon and re-fashioning our world. Every day life alters technology, making it keep pace with the fluid shifts in human experience. Globe Telecom is conscious of this fact. From myriad ring-tones and interface designs, to a wide range of services- Globe strives to accommodate each client's uniqueness, and the qualities we all share, weaving technology's pulsation around human rhythms. The collages reproduced in this calendar celebrate the heartbeat that inspires- and is inspired by- technology. As their titles suggest, these works evoke the feelings that mark cycles of our growth. Each collage, moreover, harmonizes technology and art: in the processes of its assemblage, and in its geometric play, suggestive of living moods and transformations. Jaime Zobel de Ayala creates his prints meticulously by hand, drawing on a portfolio spanning three decades. He re-assembles details from his own pictures to form new perceptual fields. Zobel then safeguards the precision demanded by abstract art, through electronic image-processing, increasing the color fidelity of each reproduction. With Zobel, we open our eyes to the magical cosmos of sand, leaf, misted glass. We move from the nature's particulars to the spiritual detachment of abstract art. We grow mindful of the technological world we cannot disavow, and we prepare ourselves for insight, listening to the heartbeat of techne, to our undeniable humanity."--- John Labella