2003 Zobel & Zen

14 pages including intro page and back summary. Size: 14" w x 19" ht.

" Those who have followed my work over the past ten years or so will know that while I have occasionally experimented with color and exuberant compositions (as in my recent collages and digitally enhanced flowers), I eventually always return to quietude and simplicity. This I learned in my early years from my uncle Fernando who taught me how to "look for the essentials and do without the incidentals."

It was perhaps inevitable that discipline would assert in my works; I began to feel that they were taking over the material, and whatever I had intended the composition to convey. And so I am, once again, essaying Nature- but using natural forms and objects as isolated elements in a minimalist landscape.

I do not profess to have a profound knowledge of Zen, but what I know of it seems to express perfectly what I am otherwise approaching intuitively in these works. I can only hop that in the end, the viewer can contemplate these images and derive from them the same sense of well-being, mystery, and pace that attended their creation. " -- Jaime Zobel 4 December 2001

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