2001 Celebration of Life.

14 pages including 2 pages introduction. size: 8.5"w x 13" ht.

"Flowers have always possessed an innate power to touch people. This owes perhaps to their unapologetic vulnerability: their petals are all too susceptible to a bruising touch, or to a blustering gale. With this basic essence, they are too reminiscent of human beings both are touched with the divinity of creation manifested in th beauty of their forms. At the same time they are subject to the whims of fate and the ultimate finality of morality.

Perhaps because of this, flowers have been intimately entwined in our lives. We mark the most meaningful moments with them, their presence leading a more jubilant note or, conversely, a more pensive cast to the occasion. Be it as a sprig or as a garland, they complete our celebration of life. "

Calendar   2001